Virtual Real Gay – Room Service

This room service always bring you a hot meal.
Sergyo and Brute Club are spending the day in a hotel room doing… the kind of things that you do with your boyfriend in a hotel room. They start feeling hungry and decide to order some food to the room service. Then Johny shows up with something more than a meal. Before they know it, Brute is plowing these two hoties with his massive cock, taking turns leaving each hole gaping!

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Virtual Real Gay – My Bricklayer

Your bricklayer results to be hot as hell. What are you gonna do?.
You’re reforming your house. That’s not suppose to be sexy nor hot at all. Not until you discover that Martin Mazza is your bricklayer. Then everything changes, my friend. When you watch him walk in your room with his muscles, his tough aspect and his sexy look… You know inmediatly that you want to stuff your hard cock inside his perfect ass.

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Virtual Real Gay – Talking with Matt

Matt is alone in his bedroom and you’re allowed to watch.
Matthew Anders may look like an impeccable hot man on the outside, but there’s nothing more that he likes than push a dildo into his perfect thin ass. So now, Matthew is on a mission to have an orgasm for you to watch: the hottest, most intense and explosive you will see. So, enjoy this VR porn scene in 180º FOV and our awesome Binaural Sound in your Smartphone Cardboard

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Virtual Real Gay – Friends of University

Just two friends of University, really happy to meet again.
Sergyo and Jonhy Cruz met in college. Now, a few years after, they meet again and they know the perfect way to catch up quickly. Yes, we’re thinking the same: fucking. So, Sergyo’s about to show how he has missed Jonhy by taking his ass and having a fuck fest filled with his cum. Now, prepare to stuff your rock hard dick inside his cute ass. You will always remember this meeting. Turn on your headset and enjoy this VR porn scene in 180º FOV and our awesome Binaural Sound in your Smartphone Cardboard.

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Virtual Real Gay – Happy Sex Year

Their friends are waiting for them to celebrate New Years Eve. Well, let them wait cause CJ Michaels and Matthew Anders, a couple in real life, will bring you into what happens in their bedroom, and you re going to love it! Watch Matthew get fucked in his ass by the sexiest CJ, feel what he feels when his boyfriend stuff his huge cock into his tiny perfect pink ass. And of course, let him suck your dick until you cum over her mouth. After see this New Years Eve scene, cum will be your only New Years resolution.

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